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TAKING A STAND just won the 2012 Campus MovieFest Elfenworks Social Justice award! THANKS and congratulations to director, Gisella Gutierrez! Click here to read the article!

Thanks to the second video in my anti-human trafficking series about conflict mineral mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo that produces our electronics, my video series and I garnered enough interest to be featured on MTV Act!  Check it out!

I’ve released my 5th stopmotion video in my anti-slavery youtube series.  This month, we’re discovering how children in Cote d’Ivoire are impacted by our demand for chocolate–just in time to respond by how we make our Valentine’s Day chocolate purchases!

Slave- and Child-Labor Free Chocolate
Fair Trade Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Featuring my original song: Taking a Stand

Please subscribe to my channel & check back next month! Over this next year, I hope to inform and intrigue those who know very little about or may have never even heard of human trafficking. This series is launching with NYC Urban Project’s LoGOFF campaign to explore what it means to live Local, Green, Organic, Fair (trade) and (slave) Free.

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Ivory Cocoa Farms Child Labor: Little Change
Cocoa Campaign: International Labor Rights Forum
2011 Tulane University Report: Oversight of Public and Private Initiatives to Eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labor in the Cocoa Sector in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana
ILO and Chocolate and Cocoa Industry Forge New Partnership to Combat Child Labour in West Africa
US Department of State Trafficking In Persons 2011 Report
Hershey’s $10 million Pledge to Improve West African Cocoa Farming & Fight Child Labor
Slavery In the Supply Chain (video discussing how to find fair trade chocolate)

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In the past year since quitting my full-time job to pursue this singer/songwriter & social-injustice-fighting-in-the-nonprofit-sector career, I think my life has lacked balance more than anything and more than ever before.  I’ve never had such an unpredictable schedule working so many different “jobs”—most of which were self-assigned and required me to develop skills I never thought I’d ever use or need.  Creating and maintaining real balance is now absolutely necessary if I am to continue into this next chapter in my fairy tale life.

God has been opening so many new doors for me lately—from releasing my first two singles to being featured by World Vision—and I’m walking through the latest one this Monday.  I was not even actively looking for a full-time position, but was offered one of my dream jobs by a great team of people with whom I have been doing sporadic freelance work for the past 3 years.  As I am approaching the end of the year-long commitment I initially made to pursuing my music/nonprofit career, I discussed the job offer with my parents, prayed & ultimately felt peace (and sheer uncontainable excitement) to take the job!

With a new full-time job on my plate, balance means downgrading my other commitments.  This was a tough decision to make, as I suffer from some sort of Super Woman complex—always thinking I can handle everything, loving a packed schedule, and not allowing myself any time to breathe.  But this complex gets easily and consistently overridden by my super-sensitivity to stress lol.  So this time, my health and sanity win.  

Although this may not be a big deal because I’m not sure most people knew of my initial commitment to release anti-slavery videos every 2 weeks (yes, how..ambitious), I will now release videos for my anti-human trafficking youtube series every month instead of every 2 weeks.  Please don’t judge me lol. Yes, the whole 3 preceding paragraphs were more or less a preamble/caveat to this announcement..and a mini life update! Ha. Sorry it’s nothing more profound or exciting!

Watch & SHARE this video to support National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month!

Human Trafficking in YOUR neighborhood? Check it out on the slaverymap
If you believe you may be a victim of human trafficking or have information about a potential trafficking situation, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-3737-888 Or you can report a tip online.

Please subscribe to my channel & check back in 2 weeks! This is the 3rd video in my series of anti-slavery or anti-human trafficking videos. Over this next year, I hope to inform and intrigue those who know very little about or may have never even heard of human trafficking. This series is launching with NYC Urban Project’s LoGOFF campaign to explore what it means to live Local, Green, Organic, Fair (trade) and (slave) Free.

Presidential Proclamation: National Slavery and Human Trafficking Month
Google Gives $11 million to Fight Human Trafficking
US Dept of State Trafficking in Persons Report 2011 
US Dept of Education: Human Trafficking of Children in the US
Restore NYC
Trucker Hero
US Dept of Health and Human Services: Human Trafficking Into and Within the US
Polaris Project Resources
President Obama photo

How is your favorite tech company making progress toward conflict-free mining?
Ask your congressperson to support conflict minerals regulations

Watch, subscribe & SHARE this video!

So this is the second video in my year-long video series exploration into human trafficking, or modern-day slavery.  I learned about this atrocity a few years ago and a burden was really placed on my heart to fight against it.  I have been doing so through supporting various anti-human trafficking non-profits (including Not For Sale, Call + Response, Stop Child Trafficking Now, Restore NYC & Nomi Network) and my own music (my original: Taking A Stand), but still felt this unquenchable thirst to do more.  This video series was birthed from that thirst and aims to educate those who know very little about or have never even heard of human trafficking or modern-day slavery. 

This week’s episode focuses on our electronics and how the minerals comprising these electronics are mined by slaves of armed forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo—funding their 10+ year long civil war and the 5+ million death toll.  I’m not trying to guilt, shame, or point fingers at anyone, but just enlighten the general public so that we can make informed decisions, knowing that our choices have an impact.

Please watch, subscribe to my channel and SHARE the video!

My first stop motion video. Numerous hours plotting on the phone with my friend Angie. 8 1/2 hours shooting. 5 1/2 hours arranging photos & recording audio.  From all the stress/tension of kneeling on the floor, crawling around a tripod, and being hunched over at the computer (or over my guitar), my gluteal & back muscles are sore to the point of feeling like I had an awesome workout. HA.


LoGOFF of what’s easy, log on to what’s right.
Launching New York City Urban Project's LoGOFF—a year-long exploration into what it means Biblically and practically to live by standards of Local, Green, Organic, Fair & Free (slave free). This is the beginning of a series of videos I will post about what modern-day slavery, or human trafficking, looks like in various countries. They will be posted every 2 weeks starting next week!

Special thanks to Angie Chea for assisting in script-writing and idea/concept-bouncing!

Featuring one of my original songs, Taking a Stand

What is slavery’s role in your life?

ALLSAINTS launched a new line in their partnership with the amazing anti-human trafficking group Not For Sale


Not For Sale Allsaints Womens Shirt 1506